Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Pays Tribute to 50-Year Members


March 26, 2015 (Reston, VA) – Maryland & Virginia Milk Producer Cooperative recognized two members for 50 years of membership to the cooperative at the 95th Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Annual Meeting in Gettysburg, Pa. on March 24.

The 50-Year Membership honorees include:

Baker Farms, LLC, Boonsboro, Maryland

Brian Baker, along with his wife Teri and their six sons operate a 200 cow dairy farm in Boonsboro, Maryland. The farm has been in the Baker family since Brian’s grandfather bought the farm in 1926. Brian grew up on the farm and took over the farm from his father in 1990.

Brian credits his family as the main reason for his longevity in the dairy business. “They’re my strength, so I do everything I can to keep the farm going,” Brian said. Brian is most proud of his family’s interest and involvement in the farm. All six of the Baker’s sons help on the farm in some capacity, with several of the older sons working full time on the farm. Teri is also very involved in the farm and manages all the farm bookwork.

The Bakers hope to continue their farming legacy with their sons as the fourth generation involved in the farm. “My goal has been to set the farm up for the next generation so that they won’t have to struggle like I did to build it where it is today,” Brian said.

North Point Farm, Waynesboro, Virginia

North Point farm is owned and operated by four brothers, Kevin, Wilmer, Daniel and Winston Phillips. Their home farm has been in the Phillips family since 1883. Today they are milking around 1,000 cows at three different locations in Waynesboro, Virginia.

The Phillips first shipped Grade B milk in 1942 and transitioned to Grade A milk in 1965. “I remember the first day we started milking cows in the milking parlor,” Kevin said. He along with his three brothers took over from their father 25 years ago.

Producing quality milk is important to the Phillips and they are routine winners of Maryland & Virginia’s milk quality awards. “I have to drink the milk myself, and if I’m expecting consumers to pay a fair price for a gallon of milk, I expect them to receive a quality product,” Kevin said.

“The fact that we’ve been able to continue to expand our operation, enjoy life, and provide the country with a quality product is my greatest achievement,” Kevin said.

Source: Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers