Jain Irrigation Saves Water, Increases Efficiency for Smallholder Farmers

Organization Name: Jain Irrigation
Organization Website: http://www.jains.com
Region: Asia
Social Issue: PovertyWater
Initiative/ Project Description:

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of irrigation systems and a leading fruit and vegetable processor. To address water-use efficiency, the company has developed micro-irrigation and drip irrigation systems that use only 30% as much water as traditionally-used flood irrigation systems, and has deployed these technologies to thousands of smallholder farmers in India. The technology aims to reduce agricultural water use and to improve the efficiency of smallholder farmers, each of whom own less than one hectare of land but who together account for 75% of all agricultural producers in the country. The smallholder market is underserved and many smallholder farmers are lack the skills and income to introduce new irrigation technology, so Jain pairs its products with technical assistance and innovative financing options to promote adoption and proper use.

Social Results:

Jain’s micro-irrigation systems have been adopted by thousands of farmers, leading to efficiency gains that have raised smallholder annual incomes by up to $1,000. In addition, the systems significantly reduce water use and waste by 70%.

Business Results:

The company has grown at a compounded annual growth rate of 41% over the past five years and annual sales of $760 million in 2010. Jain’s micro-irrigation division has an impressive 50% market share in India, growing at an annual rate of 72% and, in 2010, accounted for $416 million in sales revenue–more than half of the company’s total.

Source: https://sharedvalue.org/examples/drip-irrigation-practices-smallholder-farmers