Creating Shared Value and Evaluating Social Impact


Overcoming the world’s many social challenges is too big of a job for just the public sector. Unfortunately, the private sector has largely missed the huge opportunities for growth in tackling these challenges because they have viewed competition too narrowly. To complicate things further, evaluating the real impact that social businesses have made is hard because of the way we think about impact. We know how to measure financial impact, but we need to better understand how to capture and communicate social impact.

Our keynote Speaker was Leila Janah, Founder and CEO of Samasource. Samasource creates computer-based work opportunities for women, youth, and refugees living in underserved areas around the world. Their goal is to impact 120,000 people by 2016 by providing living wages through private sector supplied work. Leila was recently on the cover of Fast Company magazine as one of the “League of Extraordinary Women.” Read about Leila and Samasource here. She’s definitely a leader who you want to hear.

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Join us as Mills faculty, students, and industry experts discuss how organizations of any size and profit orientation can find new growth by adopting the idea of shared values and evaluating social impact in innovative ways.


8:00 am: Breakfast/ Registration
9:00 am: Opening Remarks/ Framework & Goals
9:15 am: Shared Value: Business Meet Social Impact
10:15 am: B Corps: Impact Is In Our DNA
11:15 am: Networking Break
11:45 am: Session 3: Breakouts on Tying Social Impact to Strategy, Funders View of Social Impact, and B Corp Leader Discussion
12:45 pm: Lunch (table topics & open tables)
2:00 pm: Session 4: Breakouts on Social Impact in Education, Capturing and Communicating Impact, and Funders Leader Discussion
3:00 pm: Oakland Revitalized: Shared Value and Impact in the Community
4:00 pm: Closing Keynote Speaker, Leila Janah, Founder and CEO of Samasource
5:00 pm: Networking / Cocktail Reception


  • Deborah Merrill-Sands, Professor of Business Practice and Dean of the Lokey Graduate School of Business

Opening Remarks

  • Dave Meader, Director, of Center for Socially Responsible Business at Lokey Graduate School of Business
  • Michelle Matos, President of Lokey NetImpact

Evaluating Impact from Different Perspectives

  • Seth Barad, Lecturer at Lokey Graduate School of Business, formerly of Bridgespan and Bain and Company

All Conference Session 1
Shared Value: Business Meets Social Impact
Description: It has been nearly two years since the concept of shared value was coined by leaders as ‘the new CSR.’ So what is it, exactly? Learn more about this concept from FSG—the firm that created it. During this panel, we’ll explain what “creating shared value” means for traditional companies, and hear how three of them create social impact in the three strategic areas of opportunity: product innovation, supply chain efficiencies, and local clustering.

  • Moderator: Chad Bolick, Associate Director of Partnerships at FSG
  • Rob Meloche, Business Leader of Corporate Responsibility at Visa
  • Kathy Mulvany, Senior Director of Corporate Affairs at Cisco
  • Angela Leung Wasmer, Director of Global Public Affairs, Gap, Inc.

All Conference Session 2
B Corps: Impact Is In Our DNA
Description: B Corporations incorporate social impact directly into their business charters to ensure it remains paramount in their missions. Because each business is different, the definition of their impact will also differ. For example, smaller, early-stage businesses have different opportunities and limitations than their larger, more established counterparts. In this panel, learn from three of B Lab’s “Best Businesses For the World 2013” as they tell us how they have created unique business models and strategies that earn financial returns and social impact.

  • Moderator: Dermot Hikisch, Director of Business Development at B Lab
  • Bill Peterson, Chief Credit Officer at New Resource Bank
  • Rana DiOrio, Founder of Little Pickle Press
  • Elana Metz, Founding Director of Moving Forward Education
  • Lacy Asbill, Founding Director of Moving Forward Education

Breakout Sessions
3A: Workshop: Clarify Your Organization’s Social Impact Goals
Description: When an organization seeks to create impact on a social issue, they must first define what they wish to accomplish. All too often, these organizations skip this step—the work begins, and then measurement occurs ad hoc or after the program is done. This results in extra work and yet they still have no concrete understanding of impact made. Join Seth Barad in a continuation of his opening remarks with a workshop aimed at helping social business leaders make the critical connection among strategy, theory of change and capturing impact.

  • Seth Barad, Lecturer at Lokey Graduate School of Business, formerly of Bridgespan and Bain and Company
  • Serita Koren Cox, Founder of iFoster

3B: Case Study: How Funders and Social Businesses Evaluate Social Impact Differently
Description: In the past, Mills’ conferences have explored social impact investing—such as how to find and acquire funding for new ventures and social businesses. But what about impact? This session will feature a case study of how two partners—one a funder, one a social business—view social impact.

  • Moderator: Jose Corona, CEO, Inner City Advisors
  • Chinwe Onyeagoro, CEO/Founder, FundWell
  • Kristin Groos Richmond, CEO, Revolution Foods

3C: Social Business Round Table
By design, different social businesses have different ways of thinking about impact. In this informal panel session, you will have a chance to ask questions and dialogue with local B Corps, social entrepreneurs, and social business leaders about how they deal with the question of impact. Participants will give a brief introduction, and then will take questions from the audience.

Facilitators: NetImpact Members
Featured Participants

  • Gary Becker, Founder, Ditto Hangers
  • Mike Hannigan, CEO, GiveSomethingBack
  • Tanya Scott, CoFounder, Ed Support Services


Breakout Sessions
4A: My Impact Story: Capture & Communicate Success
Description: Social change happens in rich and complex systems, and too often evaluation approaches prove inadequate in telling the full story of impact. Sometimes the change requires both quantitative and qualitative measurement approaches. This panel will explore different ways to design, capture and communicate impact, both internally and externally.

  • Moderator: Diane Johnson, Ph.D., Mmapeu Management Consulting
  • Kate Byrne, Chief Brand Officer at Tides Foundation
  • Melanie Moore, Managing Partner, Family Independence Initiative
  • Steve Wright, VP Poverty Tools and Insights at Grameen Foundation

4B: Making the Grade: Finding the Right Educational Impact Indicators
Description: The best social change tool we have is education. However, creating education systems and programs with clear impacts is a different challenge. It’s hard to show impact in such a complex context, where many factors are at work. Many new and innovative programs use approaches that may take years to prove effective. During this panel, our experts will explore the education system as it currently stands, which impacts need to be measured and which ones no longer work, and how multi-year programs can use proxies and milestones to progress towards a larger, longer term impact.

  • Moderator: Robin Pendoley, Founder & CEO of Thinking Beyond Borders
  • Katherine Schultz, Professor and Dean of School of Education at Mills College
  • Derek Mitchell, CEO at Partners In Schools Innovation
  • Jamie Sears, Director, Community Affairs for Elevating Entrepreneurs at UBS

4C: Funders Roundtable
Funders of social ventures have unique insight into the kinds of blended returns they can expect from their investments. In this informal session, you will have the opportunity to dialogue with funders about their decision processes and what they look for with blended returns. Participants will give a brief introduction, and then will take questions from the audience.
Facilitators: NetImpact Members
Featured Participants:

  • Megan Fielding, Head of Investments & Business Development, Microplace
  • Rebecca Trobe, Partner at Schaffer & Combs
  • Breanna DiGiamarino, Director of Education Vertical, Indiegogo

All Conference Session 5
Oakland Revitalized: Shared Value & Impact in the Community
Description: Oakland is undergoing a renaissance in social enterprise creation—in part because leaders in the industry are creating a grassroots ecosystem to support shared values for businesses and other companies. Learn how local organizations, funders, and the ecosystem supporters are working together to transform our community.

  • Moderator: Konda Mason, CEO at HUB Oakland
  • Tim Lipton, Board Member/CFO at ReAllocate
  • Greg Nielsen, Director of Marketing at Numi Tea
  • Effie Tesfahun, Co-Organizer, Oakland in the Black

All Conference Session 6

  • Keynote Speech: Leila Janah, CEO and Founder of Samasource


  • MicroPlace

See videos of conference sessions at TBA.

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