Cisco Trains Worldwide Technology Workforce

Organization Name: Cisco
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Region: Global
Initiative/ Project Description:

Recognizing a need for a workforce capable of using its products across its global operations, Cisco introduced the Networking Academy in 1997. A cloud-based e-learning initiative, the Networking Academy allows students to take certification courses online in one of 16 languages with the support of 20,000 Cisco-trained instructors, and keeps alumni of the program engaged through a career networking website and social media engagement that advance career opportunities at Cisco and other technology providers.

Social Results:

Across 10,000 academies in 165 countries, more than four million students have been trained, with 750,000 considered “Cisco certification ready.” Based on exit surveys completed by over 19,000 graduates, more than 70% had attained a new job, a better job, increased responsibilities, or a higher salary. The Networking Academy program has fostered economic development in local communities by adding skills to the workforce and increasing the attractiveness of the area for business locations.

Business Results:

Cisco has invested $350 million in its Networking Academy program, generating a steady and preferential supply of skilled workers–and technologically savvy future customers—in key business markets worldwide.