Building an A+ Responsive Drupal Site for the Shared Value Initiative


The Shared Value Initiative is a global community of practice committed to driving adoption and implementation of shared value strategies among leading companies, civil society and government organizations. Launched by FSG Founders, Mark R. Kramer and Harvard Business School Professor, Michael E. Porter, this initiative is being promoted beyond word of mouth and global events. FSG approached Genuine to build a website for Shared Value Initiative to grow the community online. launched in May 2013 and recently received an A+ rating by Acquia’s Instant Insight Tool, which evaluates Drupal sites based on three main criteria: Performance, SEO, and Best Practices. The site was built in Drupal Commons 3.0 with a custom fully responsive theme. For a nonprofit, the site experience is an important factor to attract and engage visitors on its page. With a fully responsive site, is providing a seamless experience for visitors from any device. However, theming a responsive site in Drupal can be difficult, as many front end developers and designers can relate from past experiences.

Genuine’s team overcame this by constantly communicating between all departments, including the UX and design team. Genuine’s front end developers worked closely with the designers to make sure templates and wireframes were built with responsive in mind. The end result is a fully responsive, eye-catching website for a nonprofit with valuable partners like the Rockefeller Foundation and Verizon.

Since this is Shared Value’s first site, there were no metrics to compare, however, site visitors have been spending an average of 4:35 minutes on the site. This shows that site visitors are engaging with the content and learning more about the Shared Value Initiative.

Genuine’s team built and designed to maintain the modesty of a nonprofit, while keeping the integrity of the organization’s philosophies, which large corporations like Coca-Cola and Nestle would trust with its business strategies. This new site is providing an outlet for corporations and individuals to share events, interesting resources and continue the conversation around shared value within the community.

For more information about building a responsive site in Drupal, stay tuned for a new post about the recent Design 4 Drupal event and what Genuine’s team took away from the event.