TN completes elections to Milk Co-ops

Advancing the story of democracy in Tamil Nadu cooperatives Indian Cooperative has received a press release from the senior cooperative official Sankaralingam Arunachalam in which the election story were expounded further.

The press release reads “There are about 1029 newly formed Milk producers Co-operative Societies in Tamil Nadu and along with the election of other cooperative societies, a massive effort to conduct election in these societies also succeeded recently. Among the total, nearly 772 Co-operative Societies were eligible for election. The gigantic effort resulted into election of nearly 8,473 Board of Directors. Also 772 Presidents and 772 Vice-Presidents were elected at the rate of one per Society in respect of these 772 Co-operative Societies.”

In the remaining Societies election will be held once the Members become qualified to vote or contest  elections.

The Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Societies election Commission is a Permanent Statutory Body. This Body Constituted to conduct elections to Co-operative Societies shall continue to oversee future elections to Co-operative Societies.

The tenure of Office of the newly elected Board of Directors and office bearers of Co-operative Societies shall be five years. But the Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Societies Election Commission will conduct election to fill up Casual Vacancies that may arise due to the death, resignation, disqualification or removal by bringing no confidence motion etc; of Board Of Directors and office Bearers of Co-operative Societies in future.

Further the Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Societies Election Commission shall also engage itself in the duty of Conducting election to the newly formed Co-operative Societies before the Expiration period of their Interim Boards and entrust the Management to the Elected Board of Management.

This is the first time in Tamil Nadu that election programme were drawn up simultaneously for all types Co-operative Societies and all level of Co-operative Societies. Elections were conducted in phases. Elected Board of Management assumed office on completion of respective phase.

All the Co-operative Societies functioning in bigger cities, towns or villages have the elected Board due to enactment of new Sections and Amendments brought out to existing sections of Tamil Nadu Co-operative Societies act 1983 and rules 1988 by the Tamil Nadu Govt.

The Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Societies election Commission also expressed its sincere gratitude towards govt officers, Co-operative Societies, Police Department, Press, Radio, and Television, Members of Co-operative Societies,  employees of Co-operative societies and all others concerned who have contributed for the successful conduct of Co-operative elections, said Thiru M.R. Mohan, I.A.S.,(Rtd.) commissioner, Tamil Nadu Co-operative Societies election Commission in the press release issued by him.