Sugar Co-op : UP govt bid to pay dues

The less said about the cooperative sugar mills in the state of the Uttar Pradesh the better. They are in a serious disrepair confronting a double whammy of financial inability and technological backwardness.

There are 23 such sugar units altogether in the state and most of them are unable to pay cane dues to farmers and acquire the optimum cane crushing capacity per day. Needless to say, their plight has become an issue costing the Akhilesh Yadav govt. a great deal of criticism.

However, in a rushed bid to salvage its pro-farmer image, the govt has decided to give the cooperative sugar plants Rs 600 crore for payment of cane dues as well as make available necessary funds for their technological modernization.

Official sources say the UP farmers are paid the full statutory advisory price (SAP) of Rs. 280 per quintal.