Farmers Coop Society Makes Plans to Construct a New Feed Mill

April 14, 2015

Farmers Coop Society’s board of directors has announced the approval of constructing a new feed mill in Boyden, Iowa. This $14.75 million project will help FCS meet the needs of their customers both now and in the future. The new mill will include many technological features that will improve the all-around efficiency of the mill as well as the time it takes to load and unload semis.

“Boyden is the heart of FCS’s present feed territory and this location will optimize transportation efficiencies for ingredients as well as finished feed,” said Brad DeVries, FCS’ Feed Manager.

This new feed mill will be in addition to our existing feed mills and will have the ability to manufacture a total of 3000 tons per day with 1000 of those tons being in pellets.

“We have focused on where the feed industry is moving in the future. The mill will be state of the art and allows FCS to capitalize on new business opportunities within the industry,” said DeVries.

When this mill is fully operational it will require 45 semi loads of ingredients, up to 70 loads of corn, and produce 115 semi loads of complete feed per day. FCS’s feed business continues to grow and they have been anticipating the need for an additional mill for the last year and a half. The feed team and management are excited about the opportunity to grow their business in northwest Iowa and the surrounding area.

Source: Farmers Coop Society